Facebook gains more and more users daily, but it doesn’t mean that other social media platforms lose some. In fact, Instagram is constantly growing, with almost a billion users worldwide. Because of this, marketers flock to this platform in the hopes of gaining potential customers.

If you are planning to advertise on Instagram, you better do it right. You need to learn a few tricks to get started.

Go For A Business Profile

Brands can enjoy a lot of perks brought by the business profile on Instagram. Lots of tools and added features can be used when you shift to this type of account. One of the advantages is the ability to schedule your posts a week ahead, helping you save time on preparing these daily.

To start, what you need to do is link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page, go to settings, and click on Instagram Ads. After that, click log in and fill in your Instagram login details. Don’t have an existing account? Note that you can also create a new one now.

Instagram Ad Campaign

After linking your Instagram account to your FB Page, check out the Ads Manager and create your first ever campaign. In the Ads Manager, click Campaigns, then Create. You are free to use Power Editor if you’re familiar with this.  

The next thing to do is choose the campaign objective. Take note that some objectives aren’t applicable or compatible with Instagram stories.

Create Instagram Ad Set

To move on, define your target audience and how much budget you are willing to shell out. Targeting options can be adjusted and these are available for both Instagram and Facebook Ads.

If you choose Custom Audiences, select the type of audience you want. Then, select your Ad Placements. There is an option to run the campaign on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Messenger.  

Take note that you must start low when setting the budget for the advertisement. You can always increase the budget anytime you wish, given that the ad is performing well.

After finalizing the target audience and the budget, you can now proceed by clicking the Continue button in the bottom right section.

Photo Ads

Selecting the image for the ad is integral, as this will appear on Facebook and Instagram feeds. The file requirement is Jpg or Png with a maximum size of 30MB. Make sure to upload a photo with the highest resolution.

Video Ads

Before, Instagram only allowed a 15-second limit for videos. But now, you can upload videos up to 60 seconds in both landscape and square format. Some brands use the Video Ad format to promote different deals and highlight a new line of products or services.

Carousel Ads

Instagram finally added a feature where you can upload up to ten images and videos in a single post. This is perfect to highlight a spectrum of products you offer. Lots of brands, including Adidas, are already using this in their advertising campaigns.  

After uploading the videos and images, you can go to the option on the left side. Add a caption to the ad and you’re good to go. You can even preview how the advertisement will look like by clicking the option on the right of the text editor. See how the campaign will look like in other formats as well. Click Place Order once everything is settled. Otherwise, you can go back to the options and make certain changes.

Optimize Instagram Ads

Since you’ll be using resources to run the ad, you need to monitor its performance all throughout. Try it out to find the most effective texts, targeting, and messaging options to make the most out of your campaign. From Ads Manager, you can make changes to split testing, parameters, and other analytics.

Running the ad for the first time is tricky but after doing it multiple times, you’ll be able to see the results. The trick is simply being engaging and visible to your audience to pay attention and get the message.

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