Sometimes our users will ask us, “Why isn’t this account growing as fast as I’d like? What can I do to grow faster?”

In this post, we’ll fully explain the Instagram automation funnel, and what you can do at each step to increase the likelihood that the user will continue to the next step of the funnel.

Stellation Media drives people to your page

Stellation Media isn’t a way to buy followers. It’s not a magic solution that can help any account go viral. Stellation Media’s Instagram Growth Service is a way to automate your liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing activity to gain the interest of the users you’re interacting with on Instagram.

What do automated actions do?

Instagram users will get a notification that you followed them (or liked, commented, etc.) and now the ball is in their court. At this point, Stellation Media has done its part – we completed the action and the user has received a notification. Now, it is their choice whether they want to check out your client’s page. If they do choose to check it out, it’s also their decision whether or not to follow back.  Using automated actions through an Instagram growth service is a great way tool to gain followers on Instagram.

How to influence the click-through rate

What would cause the user to click through on their notifications page to check out your Instagram page? At this point, all they can see is your username and profile photo.

A/B test your profile pics

Try a colorful background or an eye-catching image. Test different profile photos to see which works best.

How to influence the follow back rate

Now that you have done the first step of the funnel and clicked through to your Instagram page, what does a potential new follower see? Will, they read an interesting bio? Will they immediately see colorful, high-quality photos?

Instagram users are likely to follow back on accounts that are relevant to their interests and that post-high-quality content.

However, only YOU can control the quality content.  We’ll try our best to provide you blog posts, tips, and tricks on how to do this but at the end of the day, this falls on your shoulders unless you hire us to create social content for you.

How to ensure users don’t unfollow

Engaging your followers is very important. The job isn’t finished once someone has followed you. Now you need to retain them. You can retain your followers by continuing to post high-quality content often.

Other engagement strategies include:

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