Instagram Growth & Engagement powered by our cutting-edge growth tool and dashboard.


Our powerful organic growth tool can help you increase your followers and engagement dramatically.

With the ability to view and interact with up to 30,000 Instagram stories per day, your page will get skyrocketed exposure to your targeted audience.

This, in turn, will drive more profile traffic to your page, leading to increased followers, engagement, and website clicks. 


Our niche-specific targeting algorithms ensure that your brand is exposed to the right audience, helping you to grow your following and increase engagement.

Our platform allows you to input specific usernames, hashtags, and locations to target anyone who posts an Instagram story within those parameters. 


Take control of your Instagram growth with our powerful dashboard to easily manage growth, targeting, and analytics.

Our mobile-friendly dashboard doesn’t require any software installation. Create an account and you’re ready to start growing your Instagram presence.

Need help optimizing your results? We offer help documents, video tutorials, and live chat support.



Access your dashboard from any device.
Growth & Engagement on complete autopilot.

Story Viewing

Our service can view up to 30,000 Instagram stories per day on complete auto-piliot.

Story Interacting

Like and interact with thousands of Instagram stories that include polls, sliders, quizzes, etc

Growth Analytics

Get a detailed overview of your daily stats, follower growth, top posts, and much more.

Targeting Analytics

See what usernames and hashtags are converting into new followers and engagement.

User Experience

Our service can be accessed on a mobile device or laptop. You do not need to install any software.

Customer Service

We have help documents, tutorials, and live chat to optimize your results and answer any questions.

Flexible Pricing. Real Growth.

Get targeted followers and engagement on complete auto-pilot 🚀

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A+ Customer Support

We take pride in our customer service and the relationships we build with our clients.
Your success on Instagram is our #1 priority.

Live Chat & Support

Our live chat is available from 11am est - 7pm est. If we are not online, you can send us an email.

Help Docs & Tutorials

Our help center has articles and video tutorials that will answer 99% of your questions.

Client Success

Our team is trained professionals who will be able to maximize the results for your Instagram page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question  that’s not outlined below? 
Visit our Help Articles.

Wolf Growth is designed to function within the parameters of Instagram’s algorithms, ensuring the security of your account as long as you adhere to our guidelines.

Yes, these are all REAL people.  These followers are genuinely interested in your account, resulting in an increase in new followers, comments, post likes, DMs, story views, and website clicks.

We serve a diverse range of businesses, brands, and influencers, including those with established followings and those just starting out.

As a general estimation, our clients are averaging between 350-1500+ new followers every month with the packages we provide. 

There are many variables that affect growth that is out of our control. We can not guarantee exact growth or a specific number of followers to be gained.

This includes your profile attractiveness, target audience, industry, products/services, profile layout and overall strategy. But the biggest factor is posting high-quality content. 

What we can say is, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve the best growth rate possible.

We provide our clients with three packages, each varying, offering levels of access to the features on your dashboard.

Package #1 provides the necessary tools for account growth and offers substantial Instagram expansion.

Package #2 accelerates the growth process with extended and custom features that result in 10x faster outcomes and AI optimization.

Package #3 is for those who want our team to take full control over your settings, targeting, and dashboard.

You will connect your Instagram account through Instagram’s API on the dashboard.

You will not provide Stellation Media with your password.

Our focus on acquiring organic followers genuinely interested in your brand is why over 4500+ brands and influencers have chosen to work with us.

We utilize proprietary filters to engage with real users only, avoiding spam or fake accounts that disappear quickly.

Additionally, our dedicated Customer Success team is always available to respond to any questions or concerns you may have, providing you with peace of mind.

Yes, we do. Before purchasing you can try out our service COMPLETELY FOR FREE for 5 days. No checkout is necessary. 

Click here to signup. 

Getting started is easy. After purchasing your desired package, create an account with us, access your dashboard, connect your Instagram account, and navigate to the Instagram Growth feature. From there, you can add targeting and select actions to begin.

Upon connecting your account to our service and completing the setup process, you will start to see results within the first hour.

As story views accumulate daily, you will notice an increase in comments, likes, story views, direct messages, and website visits. Our approach is organic, helping to attract real users back to your page.

Engagement tends to come in waves, but this should not discourage you. By using our analytics tool, you can track the sources that bring in the most followers and adjust your targets accordingly to optimize growth.

For your convenience, all plans automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle, every 30 days.

We offer a flexible service with no contract, and you can cancel at any time. However, clients who have seen the most success have been those who have remained with us for an extended period.

If you do decide to cancel your subscription, rest assured that all the new followers acquired during your subscription will remain.